American Clay®

Natural plaster for
“Naturally Beautiful Walls”.
Natural Beauty, Natural Alternative

American Clay provides a non-toxic, creative solution for beautiful interiors in homes, offices, inns, hotels, and spas – anywhere beauty and health are important.

American Clay plasters are a natural way to finish any interior. Non-toxic and made in the U.S.A., our plasters are a healthy alternative to paint, wallpaper, cement, acrylic and gypsum plasters. American Clay offers five plaster finishes, hundreds of colors, unlimited textures, and a depth not found in other finishes.

The mission of American Clay is to bring universal awareness of the value of environmentally conscious products to indoor living spaces.
American Clay Earth Plasters can be finished to look like just about anything.

Hard Trowel: Using a trowel to polish the clay gives it a smoother feel.

Float Trowel: Using a float brings more of the sand to the surface, giving it a little rougher surface.

Skip Trowel: By not covering all of the base coat and letting some of it show through, you are skipping as much of the top coat as you would like. It can be a small amount or a lot.

Sponged: When you use a sponge to compress your wall, it gives it a suede look and brings out the sparkle of the marble sand.

Burnished: Especially on Porcelina™, burnishing, or highly polishing with a trowel, you are giving it a very smooth finish. You can burnish any of our types of clay.

Plaster with Mica Additive: Mica is a natural additive that gives added sparkle to your wall. We have both large and small Mica.

Plaster with Straw Additive: Straw adds an earthy look to your wall, similar to adobe.

Create A Healthy Room

Clay plasters help regulate humid air inside buildings by absorbing and releasing moisture naturally — responding to changes in the interior space. Warm to the touch in winter and cool to the touch in summer, our plasters bring healthier comfort to interior spaces.

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