Commissioned Projects

It’s more than paint. It’s functional art.
This is truly custom work for highly discriminate individuals.

Sometime we come across a client who doesn’t fall into any category. What they want is something absolutely original, created specifically for them, taking into account where they are in their life and transporting them to a world of their imagination.

They are the people who create worlds, and want their home or office to be a reflection of this.

We work personally with you to discover exactly what you want. And our team of talented artists, with a variety of skills, will create anything you can dream up.

We are here to coordinate your project, work as your artists, and be your personal Color Consultants.
Our Custom Artistic Services include:

Unlimited LeBaron Method of Color Consultation over the course of your project

Any Custom Artistic Finishes (Select, Signature or High Art)

Murals - Choose any image, theme, idea, memory, or feeling you’d like to recreate and Transformational Color will create a mural for you

Any size or breadth of project, walls, homes, villas, offices…

Post-job cleanup - we’ll leave your home cleaner than we found it

Professional Photography of your project before & after completion

We recommend Commissioned Projects for those who…

View their home as an extension of themselves and want to unleash their highest creativity

Deeply understand the connection between their living space and their life, or their working space and their work

Want to explore and experiment, and who have a flair for eccentric and bold tastes

We are your artists.

We provide unmatched expertise to your project, whether it’s a wall to highlight a piece of art, an entire villa, or a campus in Silicon Valley looking for something new and even experimental.

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