Custom Artistic Finishes

Transform Your Style

For a home or office to truly provide the transformation our clients want to see in their life, paint alone may not be enough. A custom artistic finish brings in a sense of movement, a feeling of total connection to your source of inspiration.

We offer custom artistic finishes in 3 tiers, because there are multiple levels of complexity.

Select Finishes (☆)

Subtle finishes that include some movement, single color glazes and low texture.

Select Finishes (☆☆)

More complex finishes and movement, multiple layers and colors, and a higher grade of customized texture.

Select Finishes (☆☆☆)

Highly customized and complex finishes with unique and interesting effects, bold patterns, and strong textures.

From Gregory

“I would coach someone in the direction of an artistic finish if it looked like a single color on a wall wouldn’t give them the movement, depth or the interest they’re wanting. Some people want to build that interest…they may have an office that they want to make sales calls from, but they also want to have clients visit. They may not only want to feel inspired, but nurtured as well. That person may be energized and inspired already, but the finish would add that extra sense of calm, and their clients would feel it too. The power of color and texture is surprisingly and consistently impactful.”

Select Finishes ☆

Our select finishes are simple yet elegant. These are the most economical and least time-intensive of our custom artistic finishes, and they create rich depth and interest in any room with a modest investment.

A Little Goes A Long Way

These simple faux finishes provide the effect of a much more customized finish, but don’t take as long to apply which saves you money.

Select Glazing

Subtle with surprising depth, our single color glazing technique artistically applied creates rich depth and interest. Simple yet elegant, this is so much more than just a coat of paint.

Signature Finishes ☆☆

Our Signature Finishes offer an endless variety of techniques from complex, multi-layered, one-of-a-kind creations to a single color antiquing glaze. You can create any look and feeling you wish to evoke.

A Little More Complex

These textures and finishes begin to push the envelope of what you thought your walls could do. Textures begin to have more movement, more colors, and a more transformative effect.

Contemporary, Modern, Classic

Our Signature Finishes are a creative collaboration where we use glazes, foils, metallic paints and plasters, custom stencils, and aging & antiquing mediums to create a space that reflects the look and feel of any time period or aesthetic.

High Art Finishes ☆☆☆

The finishes in our High-Art collection are our most complex and breathtaking. Your room will become a place that you go to to be transported to another world.


From unique & dramatic to highly polishable luxurious, silky, or velvety finishes. If you can imagine it, we can create it.

Creative Expression

We customize any signature finish by eliciting your ultimate creative desire and collaborating with you to create a unique expression of your style and imagination.

Our Custom Artistic Services include

3-5 hours of LeBaron Method of Color Consultation

One of the 3 tiers of Custom Artistic Finishes (Select, Signature or High Art)

High-quality, low to zero-VOC Benjamin Moore paint in any color combination you can dream of

Post-job cleanup – we’ll leave your home cleaner than we found it

Custom Artistic Services are for those who…

Want a level of customization in their paint, faux, decorative and artistic finishes

Embrace their unique tastes and want to transform their style

Want to be transported to a new experience

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