High Quality Painting

Simple and far from ordinary.

There is no usual.

We start where others strive to reach.

Colors are truly transformative, and they affect everyone differently. That’s why we don’t just pick a palette out of a magazine. We sit down for a one-on-one color consultation, so I can get a feel for who you are, where you’re at in your life and where you want to go. Then out of that, we choose the colors that will bring that quality into your life.

All of our services include the LeBaron Method of Color Consultation to explore and uncover what kinds of colors will make a transformation in your life. We don’t know of anyone else in this business that offers this kind of personalized, high caliber attention as part of their standard service. We start where others strive to reach.

Your home will be exactly what you’re looking for in terms how it impacts your life, as well as the beauty that is a result of our collaboration.

Our standard painting services include

2-3 hours of LeBaron Method of Color Consultation

High-quality, low to zero-VOC Benjamin Moore paint in any color combination you can dream of

Our professional and courteous crew, on-site painting quickly so you can get back to your life

Post-job cleanup – we’ll leave your home cleaner than we found it

We recommend High-Quality Paint for those who…

Appreciate high quality paint and have an eye for the aesthetic

Understand that their environment affects their performance and their mindset

Don’t necessarily have a specific color palette in mind, but who value the role color plays in decorating a home

Are looking for something simple, elegant and beautiful, yet don't need custom artistic finishes

“Gregory not only does excellent painting, but also cleans up well afterwards. He aims to please and will work with you any way you like. From the beginning, he will ask enough questions so he knows exactly what YOU have in mind for the look you desire. He is very innovative and can use mixed media and he is fast…but what is most pleasing, is his cheerfulness and attitude of helpfulness. I have used his painting skills many times and highly recommend his services.” -Davie P.

From Gregory

“When I’m talking to someone, what I’m looking to understand is their current state. Are they already confident and they want to boost that confidence? Or are they in self-doubt and want a space that supports a huge leap? If they are into color, then I would utilize custom colors and finishes to create a room that feels powerful. If they are already very energetic, then I would tone down the space so it is more grounding—in this way, the environment creates stability, but still has solid energy, strength and inspiration.”

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